Collecting Honey Pots from all over the World
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How did it start?
About 20 years ago I started building a collection of honey pots. The first honey pot came from France. It was a small blue pot with very nice honey in it.
After that many honey pots from all over the world came into our home.

Nowadays the collection has grown to about 500 different pots and I'm still looking for new ones.
Updated March 2005
This is a 50 years old Dutch pot
The Dutch Honeyfirm Mellona used all kinds of honeypots to sell their honey in. This was until the end of the 70's.

Interested in collecting Honeypots?
If anyone might be interested in collecting Honey pots, you might sign the guestbook or send an e-mail.
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In search of new ones.
I'm still in search of older pots. Not the "common" beehives, but special or old ones. They should have bees on it, or look clearly like containing honey. Mostly it's pottery or porcelain and sometimes glass.

This the newest from the USA
This very unusual "Chinese" style honey pot has been made in the 90's in Florida.